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Howmuchoil » Acura ZDX (2010 – 2013) engine oil capacity

Acura ZDX (2010 – 2013) engine oil capacity

Model: Acura ZDX (2010 – 2013) (USDM)

Acura ZDX Engine All season +30 to -20 °C Winter -40 to 0 °C Summer -0 to +40 °C Oil capacity/Filter Oil type Change Intervals
ZDX 3.7 V6 (2010 – 2013) J37A5 4.3 l 4.54 U.S. qts / Filter capacity: not available 10W30 10W40 10W50 15W30 15W40 0W40 0W50 5W50 5W30 5W40 15W50 20W30 20W40 25W40 25W50 Synthetic 12 mo.

We will not accept responsibility for the accuracy of the oil change information. You should change oil as is recommended vehicle manufacturer.

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