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Howmuchoil » Honda Logo engine oil capacity

Honda Logo engine oil capacity

Model: Honda Logo (1999 – 2002)

Honda Logo Engine All season +30 to -20 °C Winter -40 to 0 °C Summer -0 to +40 °C Oil capacity/Filter Oil type Change Intervals
Logo 1.3 (1999 – 2002) 3.6 / 0.3 liters 10W30 10W40 10W50 15W30 15W40 0W40 0W50 5W50 5W30 5W40 15W50 20W30 20W40 25W40 25W50 Synthetic 15 000 km / 12 mo.

We will not accept responsibility for the accuracy of the oil change information. You should change oil as is recommended vehicle manufacturer.

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